Slash calender

Slash calender


The new 4-roll slash calender – the flagship in the range of calenders from KraussMaffei Berstorff – sets high standards in terms of productivity and precision. Depending on the application, it is designed to produce rubber sheets between 1200 and 2400 mm wide at a production speed of up to 35 meters per minute. The slash calender is used for unilateral or bilateral coating textile or steel cords with rubber, or for rubber frictioning of textiles for producing tires, printing blankets and conveyor belts.


What makes the design of the slash calender so special is the four rolls arranged one above the other in a straight diagonal line. This linear arrangement has one big advantage: it prevents the occurrence of undefined, hence incalculable and uncontrollable forces.

Highly precise and rapid roll adjustments

Smallest roll gap changes are automatically corrected. Corrections are carried out by hydraulic roll gap adjusters that guarantee maximum positioning precision. The hydraulic cylinders are fitted with sensors that send every deviation to the central control. Electronic components enable the gap to be corrected in a fraction of a second while the machine is still running. The correction parameters are stored in the software and called up automatically

benefit of the customer

Slash design prevents the occurrence of undefined forces
Highly precise and rapid roll adjustments minimize start-up scrap
Reliable and durable components rated for 24/7 production